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I haven't been on my own profile for a while... I only use Live journal to read other people's work.

I've been given an assignment, by my sister. (Heh heh. I feel like an undercover agent... maybe the little pink paper will self-destruct in 10 seconds?) I have a bag of prompts, and I have to answer to one every day. At the end of the week, I'm supposed to draw/paint something based on what I've written. My sister is trying to nudge me onto a more productive life-path... *applauds from sidelines, then scurries off to find a job*

XD I really want to include something pornographic in here, so I can draw it. Heh heh, suprise Sister!

... I'm not sure that I actually WANT a pornographic Lincoln... but it was a thought...

Anyway! Moving on.

XXX Prompt: Find a crazy fact about a president to write about...XXX

Before searching Google-style, I asked someone else. My other sister told me about a rather inspirational poster she saw at school comparing President Lincoln's failures to his successes. On line, I've found a vague list of both.

Failure/Setback- Lost Job and Defeated for State Legislature
Success- Elected company captain of Illinois militia in Black Hawk War"

It goes on from there, and I believe it is trying to say, even with all his failures, he still became president and eventually the heads-side of the One-Cent penny. (On a side note: are those hyphens necessary, and is my comma job terrible?)

.......... Ok, this is probably a bad start to a lot of prompts... but it's a start, right?

I think the point is, I'm writing and posting this. Erm... Even if I have summed everything up in... 2 sentences?

Now I'm just rambling.

I'll try to do better tomorrow. For now, I'm just trying to work out the kinks in my typin' fingers.

-Later Dudes


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