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This'll be a tough one... Not because I can honestly say I don't have anyone to talk about; I don't know plenty of people, many of whom seem to have "good characteristics. "

For instance, take the dude who's sitting at the cubby desk attached to my cubby desk. He very-friendly-like told me it was totally fine that I was hovering over him to get to the out lit he's sitting by. That's not the greatest example, but it's sitting across from me, literally. I thought I'd utilize that before I run out of examples on this obnoxious topic I chose for myself.

Hmm. Strangers and their angelic qualities. Peeps and their good Samaritan-ness. Who have I witnessed, who have I creepily noted for this list of human-kind's worthy attributes?

The other night, a neighbor, who I don't know very well, helped lift a stuck van off a stump for my mother. True, he accepted money for the endeavor, but it was offered. Yay for human-kind 



Being Nothing can be difficult,
When Nothing is crowded by all these Somethings.
It makes a Nothing feel pressured,
Though Nothing will stubbornly hold onto it’s Nothingness.
It’s Nothingness is its own
And would appreciate Somethings letting Nothing be,
Because it isn’t Nothing for No reason.
It is Nothing, because it wants to be.
Be Nothing.
Not for always, but for now.
Not for Something, Someone,
But for Nothing,


Ok. This one's not really giving me much to go on. And there's only one choice here, and you're not gonna like it.

Thero should be gay.

That's all I'm gonna say.

(Well, I don't exactly mind that he's straight, but if I HAVE to change something, it might as well be that.)

So, I guess that's not all I had to say...

But I'm done now. I swear.


Erm. I'm a bit of wind.

Actually, I'm a lost spirit, but you might think I'm a bit of wind. A breeze. I'm not exactly strong enough to be much else.

So, I'm actually nowhere I want to be. Or rather, I hardly remember what it is I'd like, where it is I'd want to be. I'm wandering, really. Nothing's driving me anywhere. Leaves here, a person's hair there. I did get caught in a storm once. Let me tell you; for someone who doesn't remember anything about his... or her former life, I sure remember that. For something so insubstantial, I felt like I was being pushed and pulled, tumbling and rolling about like... well, like someone who's alive and in a washing machine.

It does make me wonder. If I can think a thing like that, I musta' been alive once.

For now, I'm just a fart in the wind.



Alright, alright, yeah, I know. I haven't been keeping up.

I have a few excuses, but perhaps the biggest problem is my brain labeled this kind of writing as... 'bad' or something.

My brain has this cool feature that allows it to pick what is important and SHOVE everything else to the back. No thoughts to anything that could cause me stress or... effort, I suppose.

I'm just plain awful. Anyway, I'm back for now. I got some of my life sorted out this week... or at least what little of my life that is hectic has calmed a bit.

Now, I have to sit my ass down and write!

1. Try to think of someone you DON'T know very well. Talk about their good characteristics.
2. Have a cup of something that leaves dregs/pulp (tea? cinnamon? coffee?) at the bottom. Try to read it like a fortune teller would.
3.Think about one of Mom's childhood stories. Gotta be a HAPPY one. (ask her about it?) Write about it.
4. If you were plopped down into TwistedHilarity's The Last Pure Human Universe, what would you do?
5. Look at Jen's Orange Painting of a tree and some water/etc. What are your thoughts. (Take a picture so ppl can se it?)
6. Some body's got their finger on the button that ends the world. What are you going to say?
7. Some body stops you in the middle of a crowded city sidewalk, to hand you a sword. WTF? What are you going to do?
8.You're in the middle of a forest, alone. How are you in the situation? You're lost. It's getting dark.  What're you thinking?
9. Close your eyes. Imagine you are pregnant. Think of the feeling, the baby. What are you thinking?
10. You're a teacher. Make up a subject you would teach.
11. Imagine a 'micro' camera is attached somewhere on your clothing, w/o your knowledge. What would the camera see in a day of the life of kwolf_8.
12. Make poster catch-phrases.

I haven't been on my own profile for a while... I only use Live journal to read other people's work.

I've been given an assignment, by my sister. (Heh heh. I feel like an undercover agent... maybe the little pink paper will self-destruct in 10 seconds?) I have a bag of prompts, and I have to answer to one every day. At the end of the week, I'm supposed to draw/paint something based on what I've written. My sister is trying to nudge me onto a more productive life-path... *applauds from sidelines, then scurries off to find a job*

XD I really want to include something pornographic in here, so I can draw it. Heh heh, suprise Sister!

... I'm not sure that I actually WANT a pornographic Lincoln... but it was a thought...

Anyway! Moving on.

XXX Prompt: Find a crazy fact about a president to write about...XXX

Before searching Google-style, I asked someone else. My other sister told me about a rather inspirational poster she saw at school comparing President Lincoln's failures to his successes. On line, I've found a vague list of both.

Failure/Setback- Lost Job and Defeated for State Legislature
Success- Elected company captain of Illinois militia in Black Hawk War"

It goes on from there, and I believe it is trying to say, even with all his failures, he still became president and eventually the heads-side of the One-Cent penny. (On a side note: are those hyphens necessary, and is my comma job terrible?)

.......... Ok, this is probably a bad start to a lot of prompts... but it's a start, right?

I think the point is, I'm writing and posting this. Erm... Even if I have summed everything up in... 2 sentences?

Now I'm just rambling.

I'll try to do better tomorrow. For now, I'm just trying to work out the kinks in my typin' fingers.

-Later Dudes

Blue Skies: First Post

I've just created my account for LiveJournal, and I haven't quite gotten used to it. It's also getting late or early, I guess. I'll have to sort all this out another time. :)